How Greek mythology impacts our culture, today.

There are many greek influences on our culture today. However, these impacts are not very widely known in our modern society. The Greek culture affects our everyday way of life. They created democracy, the alphabet, libraries, the Olympics, math, science, architecture, and even lighthouses. Greecians created systems that would not be imagined in a person’s wildest dreams. They created things WELL that were way before their time. For example, democracy. If that is not an impact Greece has made on our culture, then I don’t know what is. This political system started in Athens, where it started as a Monarch, then grew to an oligarchy, until it finally reached a democracy. The government consisted of an assembly of 6,000 members that were all adult male citezens. The assembly voted on issues throughout Athens and passed laws. Our democracy in America is similar to this. Though the Greek democracy was not as polished and fair, it was still influencial to modern cultures. Something used every day, all over the world, not just in western civilization, is the alphabet. The Greeks were the first civilization to use the alphabet, and it’s usefullness spread throughout the globe. Today, there are 20 different alphabets used around the world, and all of these were influenced by the Greek alphabet. These influences were created in Greece, though they are not directly related to Greek mythology. They are very important to our culture and lives today.

Greek mythology impacts our culture today in a way seperate than the way Greece in general impacted our modern society. The Olympic games are an example of a common, modern influence directly related to Greek mythology. The Olympic games occur once every four years, and they originated in Greece. These games were held in honor of Zeus, (who is the God of all Gods). The Olympics were not the only games that were held in honor of the gods. The Ptythian games were held in honor of Apollo the sun god. The Isthiam games were held in honor of Poseidon, the sea god. The prizes for winning these games were the fame and glory, also the winner’s faces are put on coins. Today, we still celebrate the Olympic games, and many things are similar, like olive leaf crowns and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Another way Greek mythology impacts our culture is the architectural significance. Ancient Greece came up with the new way of building. Using pillars. Today, it may seem like a common part of a royal-looking building, but it wasn’t always that way. Greek mythology played a role in Greek architecture because there were many temples and other holy places built for worshipping the Greek gods. These building were designed to look beautiful, and they did. When Rome overtook Greece, it adapted it’s own form of the Greek architecture. Western culture also using the beautiful pillars on their own buildings.(I will post a picture).

Lastly, Greek mythology impacts our entertainment industry. There are multiple movies on mythological characters. For example, the movies “Hercules” and “Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief” show the influence of mythological stories on the modern population. These movies educate people on Greek mythology, while keeping them entertained. I think, subconciously, our culture knows more about Greek mythology then we would at first assume.

4 thoughts on “How Greek mythology impacts our culture, today.

  1. Hey Tess! These numbers are the answers to your questions in your email! Overall I love your blog!
    1. Two things you did well: I really liked your topic. It was SO interesting! It was really easy to become hooked on your topic. I also really liked the list of Greek Gods, Greek Mythology is really cool and I liked that you added that to your blog.
    2. Two things you could improve: Make some simple grammatical changes (Misspelled words) and I would love to see pictures supporting your paragraphs.
    3. This made me think about how many other ways that Ancient Greece impacts our society now. I never thought about that until now, and it was very interesting to read about.
    4. I do agree with your conclusion. You stated your DQ very well and I understood everything really well. Great job!
    5. Yes!

  2. My dearest Tess,
    I think you did extremely well on this project!! You captured my attention with your first paragraph, telling the reader that “the Greek culture affects our everyday way of life. They created democracy, the alphabet, libraries, the Olympics, math, science, architecture, and even lighthouses”. That sentence really caught my attention and you followed up my curiosity with support and you satisfied my curiosity. One thing I think you couldve done better was just to fix simple grammatic errors and maybe to organize your ideas better. Overall i think you did really well though!!

  3. I just want to thank you for posting this because it really helped me on my research paper and yes i gave you credit.

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